Find Back (Instrumental) - album released today!

Happy 2023 everyone! Today we are releasing the instrumental version of our album "Find Back"! 

So what does it mean? Is it just without vocals? Yes. And no. Cathrine's vocals and expression is at the very core of what makes…

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Engler i sneen (cover song)

Happy holidays everyone! Here's a cover of the song "Engler i sneen" (Angles in the snow) written by Ole Paus and Jonas Fjeld. Watch it here.




Please (acoustic session)

Please is the very first song we released, back in 2015 or so, and we have performed it many times live. However, we discovered that we had no recorded videos of us performing it as a duo. We thought it…

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July, Oh my

Summer is here for sure. Last weekend we had a real good time playing a concert in our garden. And we are so grateful that so many of you came to share the moment with is. Tomorrow Jul 18th we…

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Sweden - tour in August/September 2021

It is on!

This is how we do it this time around. The cities and dates are decided. Check. 

Next we throw out the question to anyone who'd like to help us to find an exact location for the concert…

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