Find Back (Instrumental) - album released today!

Happy 2023 everyone! Today we are releasing the instrumental version of our album "Find Back"! 

So what does it mean? Is it just without vocals? Yes. And no. Cathrine's vocals and expression is at the very core of what makes Indigorado what it is. But with the vocals muted the listener get a better chance to experience the rest of the musical arrangement. Try it. 

Besides, a recent study (totally subjective, unverified and generally vague) have shown that you become a 20% better car driver while listening to this instrumental album. Take this with a shovel of salt, but please do take a listen to "Find Back (Instrumental)" wherever you listen to music. 

And once again a big thank you to the friendly and talented people who contributed on the way of making the album: Matias Menarguez, Jimmy Stofer, Nate Barnes, Ian Bodzasi-Producer/Mixer, Mount Olympia Mastering, Ingrid Berg Mehus, Raymond Witzøe, Herman Kvelprud, Nathaniel Wolkstein, Esteban Vázquez-Drummer, Oli Friedrich, Karl-Joakim Wisløff, Oddgeir Berg, Klaus Robert Blomvik, Morgan Nicolaysen, Arild Gangdal, Carl-Johan Wihlborg, Conrad Vingoe, Angela Shaftoe. Hope I didn't forget anyone. 

Enjoy, and take care!