Planning for Sweden tour in August 2021

We are looking at the possibilities to do a new round of outdoor concerts like we did last year, this time in the Southern parts of Sweden (well, between Dalarna and Skåne). We have an idea of which cities we'd…

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Ice - Acoustic video from home


Hope you are doing well out there. It feels a little unreal to follow the Covid development these days and it sure is difficult to make plans for the future that involves events and travelling. In the meantime we…

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Concert in Mora 29/8

Last outdoor concert of the year? Probably. Who knows. But what a marvellous place we have found for this occasion! If we ever shall stage-dive perhaps this is the place. :)


Tickets here (or click the Shows-tab).


New single - "Ice"

What a treat the last three weeks have been, being a participant in P4 Nästa Dalarna. Congratulations to the winner Fanny Wedmark, she deserves to (hopefully) represent Dalarna in the national finals. Too bad we didn't get the chance to…

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P4 Nästa Dalarna 2020


We are participants in the competition "P4 Nästa Dalarna", May 18th-Jun 5th. By merely being selected to the finals we already feel like winners but if you want to give us your vote -> send an sms to 72250 (Swedish…

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*Cancelled* - Norway tour May 2020

Unfortunately, and for obvious reasons, we are cancelling our tour in May. We're hoping everyone is safe and we'll see you when this virus has thrown in the towel.

Review of Walking in Laagendalsposten

We sent our new single Walking to Lars Bryne at Laagendalsposten in Kongsberg and were so happy to hear that he liked it a lot. And even before we could say shoelaces he had put together a beautiful written article…

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New song to be released Oct 4th

Our next song that will be released, "Walking", has been with us for many years. First time we performed it live was actually in 2014 at Studentsamfunnet in Ås. As we often did, and still do, we performed as a…

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Busking in our new home town

Busking in our new home town, Leksand. What a lovely thing to do!


"We keep on walking, small steps at a time"