Lytterom Kongsberg (house concert)

Lytterom Kongsberg (Listening room Kongsberg) is a house concert series 1 hour+ southwest of Oslo.  Me and Cathrine want to create a stage for quality live concerts in intimate settings and also help DIY-touring artists find an audience. With Indigorado we have toured in 12 countries and have performed in all kinds of strange places, including very cozy house concerts.

We have previously organized the house concert series called "Huskonserter i Ås" (when we lived in Ås) with artists such as Meadows, Anna Fogel, Jon Solberg, Conrad Vingoe, Jens Andersson, Nightbird, Svarteper, Inspired By Her, Joseph & Maia og Adam Barnes. Check them out

To make sure the artists can sustain life on the road our idea is to create a crowdfunding campaign for each concert. If 20 people or more (for instance) have pre-donated, the concert will take place. If LESS than 20 people have done so, the show is cancelled and the money is returned. One simple argument is that both the artist and the audience (AND the host) want the concert to be a success. So why settle for less? This is our intention anyway, but we are depending on like-minded people in the audience to make this work and we will see how things develop. We are open to other ideas from the artist, so let us know your thoughts.

If you're an artist who wants to perform: send an e-mail with links and possible dates to



- The location of the concert is secret and the address will be sendt through e-mail a couple of days before the show to those who have signed up/pre-donated. You can assume it's a easy-to-get-to location in central Kongsberg or otherwise we will inform you about it early on.

- It's BYOB (Bring your own beverage)