1. Walking
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Artist: Indigorado
Song: Walking
Music/Lyrics: Cathrine Witzøe, Ola Borglin

Cathrine Witzøe: vocals, harmonica
Ola Borglin: guitars, keys
Nate Barnes: drums
Jimmy Stofer: bass
Nathaniel Wolkstein: strings

Herman Kvelprud: engineer (vocals, acoustic guitar)

Mixing: Ian Bodzasi
Mastering: Adam Haggar


We keep on walking, small steps at a time
It takes us through the day
The light within us, it is beautiful
It guides us everyday

The feeling of knowing, what you already have
It strengthens you through the day
We keep on walking, with the sky as our guide
The stars will show the way

We don’t know how far we have come
But do we listen?
We don’t know how far we have come
But do we listen?

Take my hand and let me see
Guide me through the path when I was just a kid
Give me love and show me what I need to do, to keep on walking

Don’t wait, don’t wait til it’s gone
Don’t wait til it’s too late, to move on
Don’t wait, don’t wait to be brave
Don’t wait to be fearless, that’s why you came

Music/Lyrics: Cathrine Witzøe & Ola Borglin