Review of Walking in Laagendalsposten

We sent our new single Walking to Lars Bryne at Laagendalsposten in Kongsberg and were so happy to hear that he liked it a lot. And even before we could say shoelaces he had put together a beautiful written article…

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New song to be released Oct 4th

Our next song that will be released, "Walking", has been with us for many years. First time we performed it live was actually in 2014 at Studentsamfunnet in Ås. As we often did, and still do, we performed as a…

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Busking in our new home town

Busking in our new home town, Leksand. What a lovely thing to do!


"We keep on walking, small steps at a time"

Gig in Drammen 18th Nov

See you in Drammen for a lovely evening where 4 singer/songwriters (including us) will do a showcase. Entrance is free, so come and seize the day in your own way.



Good Times

While we're lurking/working in the dark trying to record some of our songs, and at the same time getting ready for the new reality called parenthood, we thought we'd share a video from last summer. It's a song called Good…

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Post-tour thoughts


Germany...time flies and it's a little over a month since we left your Northern shores. This was the second time we visited you on tour, but this time we kept ourselves on German soil the whole time. AND…

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When the esteemed folk rock band Vamp visited Ås they were looking for a local female vocalist who wanted to sing a duet together with them. Cathrine applied and was selected and had great fun performing with these talented bunch of fine musicians. The concert took place Mar 2nd and here is a short clip from that.



Our new single is out on Feb 16th! It's called Say No More. Available on streaming sites and on our website.

Say no more.

Germany, see you soon!
14th - Hannover
15th - Duisburg
16th - Brühl + Koblenz
17th - Offenbach
18th - Reutlingen
19th - Munich
20th - Straubing
21st - Deggendorf
22nd - Cham
23rd - Regensburg
24th - Waldsassen
25th - Magdeburg
What a joy to see The Old Man continue its journey from film festival to film festival!
- AAB International Film Festival, India. Best Music video - April 2017
- The Monkey Bread Tree Awards 2017. "Best black and white cinematography" Winner: Mikael Luksepp of The Old Man by Indigorado
- The Monkey Bread Tree Awards 2017. The Old Man nominated to the category "Best Period Piece"
- Woodengate International Film Festival 2017. The Old Man, official selection
- Cayman International Film Festival 2017. The Old Man nominated to "Best Music Video"
- Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2017. The Old Man nominated to "Best Music Video/Song"
- Prague Independent Film Festival 2017. The Old Man, official selection
Winner of Best Music Video in India!

It's important to celebrate big and small things in life. Our music video The Old Man has been viewed 3 600 times the last 3 weeks. That is a big thing for us! :)

The music video to our new song "The Old Man" is finally finished! Oh my, we are happy and grateful for all the wonderful people who has been a part of this process. Check it out here.

See you at Parkteatret in Oslo next Wednesday at the Grønnskjerm-event. We're talking about world-premier of the music video to our song "The Old Man" which will be released in April.

The release of our two songs "The Old Man" and "Need To Know" has been set to April 1st!

It's not a joke.

A Christmas gift was sent to us just now: a live video from our gig at Fabriken in Malmö earlier this year. Enjoy!

Music video in the making. "The Old Man".

Let's squeeze out one last video from Working Class Hero Festival 2015. A true pleasure to perform with our wonderful band this day.

We keep digging in our humble collection of video recordings from last year.

We are returning to Austria! This time Waves Vienna 1st Oct.

Don't forget to follow our tour blog from the road.


Another video! Check it out here.

New video from our concert at Working Class Hero Festival 2015. We give you "Walking".

Tour dates are set for the summer, spread the word. :)

New live video uploaded from our gig in Borlänge, Sweden last summer!