From the road

This is the place where we will write whatever comes to mind along the road from our 3-week long European tour. We will do concerts in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. Not bad, and we are thrilled to see what the journey will bring.

On our way from Budapest to Bratislava driving on a road with no name (according to the GPS). Later that day we had a beautiful split-gig with PayaAya at Flame Music Bar in Bratislava.

Split-gig with Gergely Demény in Budapest in the warm summer night. Beautiful tunes reminding me of Anathema or Porcupine Tree.

Little did we know about the local musicians playing before us in Zell-am-See. But could we have asked for a more memorable support act? :)

We had a great time performing in Offenbach and Hafen 2 is such a nice place in every way. Still high from the concert, we wanted to show you our crib for the night.

On our way to Germany, listening to Thomas Larsen, trying to not look like an old couple. Or maybe we do, who cares.

Gig in Malmö with fantastic Thomas Larsen and Axl Ludwig! Thanks mum for shooting a video of one of our songs.
Tomorrow Denmark.

On our way to Skåne..

2016-06-05 Sunday
Hello and welcome to our first blog site, ever, as a band on tour. It has been such a beautiful day today and we have been doing all sorts of things from mowing the lawn to just watching the chickens chilling out and as I write this I am looking at a pile of clothes waiting to be put down in my suitcase. But first things first and before it`s midnight  we want to share with you a new song, or at least a part of it, in our first tour vlog.