1. Paradise
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Artist: Indigorado
Song: Paradise
Music/Lyrics: Cathrine Witzøe, Ola Borglin

Cathrine Witzøe: vocals
Ola Borglin: guitars, piano, backing vocals, percussion
Nate Barnes: drums
Jimmy Stofer: bass
Nathaniel Wolkstein: violin
Ingrid Berg Mehus: violin, backing vocals

Herman Kvelprud: engineer (vocal, acoustic guitar)

Mixing: Ian Bodzasi
Mastering: Adam Haggar


What is a paradise?
Why are we brought into this life?
What do you love to do?
What do you yearn to give a go?

Why do we try to hide the fire within?
So why do you run from life
When you live in a paradise

Why cannot you see it?
Why won’t you believe it?

When I tried, tried to open my heart when the moment came
And I couldn’t do it
When my life, life it offered a chance, it was mine to take
And I couldn’t do it

I was down and lost
I found no hope, I felt like letting go
But one moment showed me how to live, I remember why I came

Why cannot you see it?
Why cannot you see it?