1. Ice
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Cathrine Witzøe: vocals
Ola Borglin: guitars, bass, keys
Matias Menarguez: drums

Ian Bodzasi: mixing
Adam Haggar: mastering

Music/lyrics: Cathrine Witzøe/Ola Borglin


I've seen the naked trees
before the spring arrives
I've seen them hanging on to doubt
I've seen a land that was still untouched
I've seen people's faces without smiles

Oh, I'm walking on ice....

I've heard melodies drifting in the wind
I've felt the breeze whispering
I've seen colors drawn before my eyes
but how do I come to life?

Oh, I'm walking on ice...

When you go back to nothing
when you cut off the ropes
all the colors of the rainbow will finally show
We follow the river, that's what I will do

Oh, see me walking on ice, dancing away
see me walking on ice