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Paradise (radio edit)

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Cathrine Witzøe (vocals)
Ola Borglin (guitars, percussion, piano, backing vocals)
Nate Barnes (drums)
Jimmy Stofer (bass)
Nathaniel Wolkstein (violin)
Herman Kvelprud (recording engineer)
Ingrid Berg Mehus (violin, backing vocals)
Ian Bodzasi (mixing engineer)
Adam Haggar (mastering engineer)


What is a paradise?
Why are we brought into this life?
What do you love to do?
What do you yearn to give a go?

Why do we try to hide the fire within?
So why do you run from life?
When you live in a paradise

Why cannot you see it?
Why won’t you believe it?

When I tried, tried to open my heart when the moment came
And I couldn’t do it
When my life, life it offered a chance, it was mine to take
And I couldn’t do it

I was down and lost
I found no hope, I felt like letting go
But one moment showed me how to live, I remember why I came

Why cannot you see it?

Music/lyrics: Cathrine Witzøe, Ola Borglin