Post-tour thoughts


Germany...time flies and it's a little over a month since we left your Northern shores. This was the second time we visited you on tour, but this time we kept ourselves on German soil the whole time. AND we also had the privilege to share the tour car with our good British friend Conrad Vingoe. It can be quite intense playing and travelling every day but we kept spirits high and met occasional bumps in the road with a smile (and sometimes a small curse). What we learned, or got confirmed, was that if we expect the best, we will also get the best. Our car broke down outside Cologne, which could be a minor crisis when you're on a tight tour schedule, but even as it happened we realized that we just have to adapt to the situation and the one thing that doesn't bring a quick solution is complaining and whining. And I think we succeeded in staying positive the whole time and in the aftermath we only remember sunshine and good times.

We played in livingrooms, kitchens, chapels, hotels, outdoor stages, in gardens, in circus-tents and in art houses. The whole spectrum. And we only met warm.hearted people on the way making this journey one to remember for a life-time.

So a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who came to our shows, the hosts who took care of us in excellent manners, to our friends who looked after our home, to Cathrine, Conrad and myself for doing the best out of every situation and for still being friends after two weeks in a car. :)

(Semi-)Fun fact, or a little something to give some perpective: I compiled the distances we travelled from our home in Norway, to Germany (including the de-tours due to our car situation), and back home. If we would have travelled the same distance from our home south of Oslo, but just one-way, we would have reached the middle of Morocco. Past Casablanca, and almost to Marrakech. Think about that.. And for the US-based reader, it would be like driving from New York City to somewhere between Las Vegas and L.A.

See you somewhere down the road. /O